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Systems designed, serviced and maintained We have designed and implemented master key systems for all types of locks for many years. From the most basic system that will allow the gardeners to access only the exterior gate at your home to the most complicated grand master systems able to encompass multiple buildings, we have answers.

Key Control: Schlage Primus, Assa, Medeco

In this day of security concerns it is vital to control who has access to important areas. In the home and in the workplace, control of keys is essential. Most major companies use patented and controlled keys that can only be duplicated through a designated authorized channel. More than a key that is simply stamped Do Not Duplicate, these keys cannot be duplicated except by authorized, registered personnel.

High-security pick-proof locks

Just as it is important to protect against the illicit duplication of keys, it is also important to ensure that high-security areas have locks that cannot be picked or manipulated open. We provide a choice of many products to fill this important need.

Repairs and custom work

Some buildings have unusual hardware that is no longer manufactured. Some doors require creative solutions to out-of-the-ordinary problems. We have the expertise as well as decades of experience and can almost always find an answer.

Residential Services

Professional Installation

We are specialists in mortise lock installations and standard tubular installations on exterior doors and interior doors.

Hardware & Service

The residential hardware industry has produced a vast array of locks in the past 200 years. We can repair, rebuild, or replace almost every type of door hardware.

Repair Service

We believe in repairing your locks whenever possible. Many of the homes in our service area have top quality hardware that can be easily repaired. It is important to keep the old classic hardware on many homes in good working order because it is often difficult, if not impossible, to replace.


Have you recently purchased a new home or just completed a remodel? Did you have the misfortune to lose your keys? Give us a call. We can re-key your existing locks to a new key and give you a fresh start.

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